Fuchi Kashira

Takase Eizui – Mountain scenery

Fuchi Kashira: Mountain scenery

Signature/mei: Takase Eizui with kaō, 高瀬栄随

Material: shibuichi, gold, copper

Era/jidai: late Edo

Kashira Dimension: 34.4mm x 20.3mm x 9.3mm

Fuchi Dimension: 37.8mm x 22.9mm x 13.5

Custom made kiri box with cushion

NBTHK: Hozon (2016)

Price:  €1590 / $1750 / ¥250000

Takase Eizui was the son (and pupil) of Takase Eiju, who was a disciple of a famous craftsman of the Mito Tradition, Taizan Motozane. Takase Eizui was active during the late Edo Period.

This fuchi kashira has been well crafted using techniques called takabori zogan and iroe, related to the mito bori technique, named after the “Mito” region from which Eizui came.
The landscape consists of a coastal slope with a large house or temple between large and steep rocks and a pagoda in the middle of a forest. We also see large pine trees and the traveler on his horse with a companion or servant walking. It’s really amazing to see how much detail you can find in this work. Starting from the well-crafted base plate from which the stones are carved, to the gold and copper colored details. To enlarge the proverbial canvas Eizui was working on, he also used both sides of the kashira, expanding the waves of the sea on one side and the mountains on the other.

Recently, a tsuba belonging to his father Takase Eiju was recognized as juyo by the NBTHK.
Please also note this kogai by his father Eiju. Or this fuchi kashira by Eiju.

This fuchi kashira has been awarded hozon by the NBTHK and comes with a custom-made kiri box. I expect it will also be awarded to tokubetsu hozon due to the excellent craftsmanship.