Goto Tsunemasa Hana-ikada

Tsuba: Goto Tsunemasa- “Hana-ikada no zu tsuba”

Signature/mei: Goto Tsunemasa (kao)

Material: iron, gold

Era/jidai: Edo

Dimension: (h)78.2mm/(w)75.7mm/(rim)4.2mm

Kiri box

Price: €785 / $870 / ¥125000

On this nearly round (maru gata) tsuba, carved from the iron plate using a technique called sukidashi-bori, we see cherry blossoms with touches of gold (iroe) and also a raft.

This design is called “Hana-ikada no zu tsuba,” which means “flower raft,” giving us a reference to the season of spring.
The flower raft motif alludes to the romantic atmosphere when rafters are accompanied by cherry blossoms falling into the river in spring, a scene for which the rivers in Kyoto such as Ogigawa, Katsuragawa and Hozugawa were particularly famous.