Fuchi Kashira

Takase Eiju – Falcon and herons

Fuchi Kashira: Falcon and herons

Signature/mei: Takase Eiju with kao 高瀬栄寿

Material: shakudo nanako, gold, silver

Era/jidai: late Edo

Kashira Dimension: 33.5mm 19.7mm x 10.8mm

Fuchi Dimension: 37.7mm x 23.4mm x 14.6mm

Custom made box with cushion

NBTHK: Tokubetsu Hozon (2023)

Price: €3500 / $3900 / ¥570000

Shakudo nanako fuchi kashira made by the Mito artist Takase Eiju, who was a disciple of a famous craftsman of the Mito Tradition, Taizan Motozane. Eiju was active in the late Edo period.

Recently, a tsuba belonging to Takase Eiju was recognized as juyo by the NBTHK.
Please also note this kogai by Eiju.

Please also note this daisho fuchi by Eiju.

A golden falcon is depicted on the very finely executed shakudo nanako ground of the kashira. We can now observe three golden herons in flight on the fuchi, also on a pristine shakudo nanako surface. The eyes of all birds are inlaid with small shakudo dots and the state of preservation of this fuchi kashira is almost perfect.

As such, this fuchi kashira has just been awarded tokubetsu hozon by the NBTHK and comes with a custom made kiri box.

Takase Eiju  Juyo Tsuba currently on display at the NBTHK Museum in Tokyo