About Nihon Collection

Book learning
only burns down candles,
but studying swords
is like a full cup os sake.

Welcome to the Nihon Collection!

On this page I present art objects from Japan with a focus on Nihonto and Tosogu.

I have been interested in Japanese art and culture all my life. Since I have been collecting Nihonto and Tosogu for more than a decade, I’m a member of several organizations such as NBTHK and KTK. You may also find my one the executive committee of the NBTHK – European Branch.

Through my international activities I have found some friends in the collecting world. Because of this, I am faced with many artworks or collectibles that owners want to sell.

Since many are unable or prevented from doing so, I’m honoured to help by treating their pieces as if they were my own.

Therefore, all photos, descriptions and measurements are done by myself and having held each item in my hands I can guarantee what they are, real art objects from Japan.

Enjoy browsing the different categories and feel free to contact the “Nihon Collection” at any time.

Moritz // Nihon Collection