Fuchi Kashira

Takasa Eiju – Daisho – Bathing crows

Fuchi Daisho: “Bathing crows”

Signature/mei: Takase Eiju with kao 高瀬栄寿

Material: shibuichi, shakudo, gold

Era/jidai: late Edo

Dai Dimension: 38.5mm x 23.3mm x 13.8mm

Sho Dimension: 37.6mm x 22.7mm x 13.2

Custom made kiri box with cushion

NBTHK: Tokubetsu Hozon (2022)

Price:  €1590 / $1750 / ¥250000

Daisho fuchi made by the Mito artist Takase Eiju, who was a disciple of a famous craftsman of the Mito Tradition, Taizan Motozane. Eiju was active in the late Edo period.
Recently, a tsuba belonging to Takase Eiju was recognized as juyo by the NBTHK.

Please also note this kogai by Eiju.

Please also note this fuchi kashira by Eiju.

These two fuchi form a daisho due to their similarity and slightly different sizes. Both baseplates are made from beautiful dark brown shibuchi and feature a hammered finish, a technique called (tuchime). Since the crows are made of shakudo, they stand out clearly from the baseplate. Details of the birds, such as eyes, legs and claws, are finely accentuated in gold.
In addition, large leafless trees can be seen with a stream or river flowing beneath them, creating larger waves. One of the crows bathes in it while the other crow watches.
Upon closer inspection, you can see that the crow’s body is smoothly modeled and has pronounced feathers on the wings and tail.