Sendai – Ajiro 

Tsuba: Sendai – Ajiro no zu tsuba

Signature/mei: unsigned

Material: shakudo, gold

Era/jidai: Edo

Dimension(h/w/d): 70.7 x 65.9 x 5.0 mm

NBTHK: Hozon (2021 – mumei Sendai)

Custom made kiri box with cushion

Price: €3030 / $3333 / ¥500000

Exceptionally, very well and detailed cut Sendai tsuba in sukidashi-bori technique with ajiro pattern.
The shape of the tsuba is oval (naga maru gata) and it’s made from a very dark and heavy shakudo.
It has two hitsu-ana, the hitsu for the kozuka is sealed with shakudo that was given a beautifully chiseled surface.
The fukurin is plated with gold, this contrast gives the tsuba a very attractive aesthetic.
The fact that the tsuba is unsigned, despite its elaborate and high quality, which certainly required a lot of time and work, suggests that it was made for a samurai of higher rank.
The condition is breathtaking and to keep it in this pristine state the tsuba comes in a custom made box with raised base at the seppadai.