Myochin Katsumi – Shishi Face

Tsuba: Engraved face of Shishi

Signature/mei: Myochin Katsumi Ki no Munenaga

Material: iron

Era/jidai: very late Edo (1866)

Dimension: (h)81.6mm/(w)81.3mm/(d)2.4mm

Custom made box with cushion

Price: €1700 / $1900

Unique and rare, very finely chased iron Myochin tsuba with the face of a grimly smiling Shishi. On the ura we find a very extensive signature:

Keio ninen hachi gatsu kichijitsu
Myochin Katsumi Ki no Munenaga saku
Sakamoto Naokata Ouju
On a lucky day in the eight month of Keijo two (1866)
Myochin Katsumi Ki no Munenaga saku
Made on behalf of Sakamoto Naotaka

The roots of the Myochin family can be traced back to the Heian period. During this time – and many generations later – the Myochin made armor for samurai and bridles for horses. It is amazing that the Myochin masters continued to be active for many generations until the end of the Edo period, producing iron works such as this unusual tsuba.