Itomaki No Tachi

Itomaki No Tachi Koshirae

Signature/mei: mumei


  • Tsuba: iron, copper
  • Fuchi kashira: copper
  • Menuki: shakudo, gold
  • Saya: Black kuroishime lacquer

Era/jidai: Edo


  • Saya: 79cm
  • Tsuka: 25cm
  • Total: 105cm

Papers: NBTHK Hozon (2019)

Price: €6875 / $7600 / ¥1000000

Koshirae from the Edo period in mint condition with only minor signs of wear.
The tusuka is covered with ray skin with a light green wrapping. All fittings are made of copper and only the tsuba itself is made of iron with the rim being made of silver.
Without any fancy decoration, it was worn by a simple samurai and the Paulownia-Mon menuki (made from shakudo) alone gives us an idea of where and how the original owner could have been classified.
This koshirae would fit into any collection that focuses on genuine everyday items worn by samurai that are crafted for function rather than showiness.
I highly recommend this koshirae due to its rarity. Its authenticity is confirmed by the accompanying hozon certificate and it will also receive tokubetsu hozon if submitted.