Higo – by Ito Mitsuru

Full set including English translations

Full set: sold

Not for sale separately, only as full set

Works of Kanshiro Nishigaki, ~260 pages

Works of Hirata and Shimizu, ~360 pages

Works of Hayashi and Kamiyoshi, ~470 pages

Written by Ito Mitsuru, these 3 books about the different Higo schools contain the pinnacle of current knowlege. Markus Sesko’s translations make this knowledge accessible to collectors and connoisseurs outside of Japan.

The books are cloth bound and the quality of the photos/prints is very high. All items are displayed on the front and back with a brief description in both Japanese and English.

The books are in perfect condition, as if no one has ever opened and studied them. Some of the slipcases have slight discoloration, maybe from sunlight shining on the bookshelf.

These books where pubslished in 2007/2008, the editon is very limited, I think 500 pieces.

If you are interested in Higo or want to research something about Higo, this book is THE reference book and a “must have”.