DAISHO: Gama Sennin / Fukurokuju

Tsuba: Gama Sennin (dai) / Fukurokuju (sho)

Signature/mei: mumei

Material: iron with high relief, inlays in copper and gold

Era/jidai: late Edo

Dimensions (dai): 11.1 cm x 11.8 cm x 0.58 cm

Dimensions (sho): 9.9 cm x 10.6 cm x 0.45 cm

Form: mokko

Price: 790 Euro


Both tsuba have a very well and strongly forged iron. Gama Sennin is pictured on the dai together with his frog, of course. His face, hands and feet are inlaid with copper while his clothes are accentuated in copper and gold. A nice waterfall on the ura side completes the scene.

On the sho Fukurokuju is carved out of the iron plate. His teeth are inlayed in gold. His famous scroll is held by another person matching the omote side of the dai.